This Girl Falls During Race, But Refuses To Give Up – Makes An Unbelievable Comeback

We’ve all heard the phrase “Never give up”.

But you’ve never truly seen it in action until you’ve seen what Heather Dorniden accomplished.

During the Big Ten Indoor Championships in 2008, Heather was leading the way in a 600-meter race. While on her final lap, Heather loses her balance and trips straight onto her face.

In what seemed like a heartbreaking moment of defeat, turned into absolute triumph.

Amazingly, Heather manages to pick herself up and catch up to the 3rd place runner. Even that would have been considered an amazing comeback.

But, she kept going – blazing past the 2nd place runner, and finishing just inches behind the 1st place runner.

This short motivational video gives us a true representation of what it means to never give up. You can pick yourself up and still win big.


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