This Heartbreaking and Heroic Story of 26 Rescued Dogs Bound To Become Meat

In a bittersweet victory, the Humane Society has rescued 26 dogs bound to become dog meat in South Korea.

Believe it or not, this is a common trade in South Korea – and these poor animals are forced to live in deplorable conditions.

The International Humane Society (based out of the United States) has launched 3 more successful rescue campaigns earlier in 2015. While it’s heartbreaking to see the conditions these beautiful dogs are forced to live in, these animals will see a life changing victory – who will find new homes and families to live with.

After this rescue, the dog meat farmer vowed to never be involved with dog farming ever again.

With the 2018 Winter Olympics coming up in South Korea, this is a perfect time to put pressure on their government to end Dog Meat Farming while the focus of the world is on them.

The Humane Society has set up a donation for the 26 rescued dogs and seeks to end this cruel trade.


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