Baby Elephant Rejected By Her Herd: But Makes An Unlikely New Best Friend

Rejected from her herd and critically ill It would seem there was no hope left for this poor baby elephant.

But thanks to around-the-clock care from staff at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, Ellie the elephant has made a heroes comeback. Ellie was suffering a large umbilical abscess, a naval/joint ill and septicemia.

And although Ellie was ready for a second chance at life. Her herd would not allow her back in. So she returned to the Orphanage, where she met her new best friend, Duma.

Duma is a German Shepperd that is Ellie's new life companion, and will help her in development and socialization while at the orphanage. And it's amazing and heart warming to see what good friends they've become.

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