UpliftStream is just that – a stream of uplifting stories, good news, motivational videos, touching moments, inspiring people, community, gratitude, love, and finding daily beauty.

Did you know the worlds most successful leaders, philosophers, scientists, and entrepreneurs follow a very strict information diet? They closely guard what goes in and out of their brain every single day.

Just like the health nut that eats broccoli and boiled chicken 3 times a day – which sounds boring but did you notice his rock-hard 6 pack abs? hmmm…

change your thinking

Turns out your mental diet is just as important as your physical one. Paying close attention to the type of information you consume can lead to a fit and healthy mind – which comes with all the perks: more happiness, less stress, increased mental energy, etc…

Don’t believe me? There’s been countless studies done by universities and psychologists on how simply changing our views from negative to a more positive input can drastically alter our sense of optimism, inspiration, creativity, all while lowering stress levels.

The truth is this: the media has become such a place of negativity and shocking stories that it’s just become the norm. We accept it as normal news. Feel good stories just don’t have the attention grabbing advantage.

“The economy is tanking! lock your doors! hide your kids! This everyday product in your home could KILL you!”

It’s all designed to gain your attention and compete with other media outlets. And it works.

However, our brains can only focus on so much in a day, and if that focus is on the negative we naturally draw a very negative view of the world.

So… What IF? You went on an “information diet” – toned those positive emotional receptors in your brain, and build the motivation muscle. What if you started only paying attention to stories that inspired you, that helped you move forward, that made you want to do good and do better.

Well, you probably think I’ve had too many happy pills. But, hear me out.

I CHALLENGE YOU: For the next 30 days to go on an information diet.

No mainstream media, no CNN, no Fox, nothing that incites violence, “breaking news”, or fear mongering. For 30 days simply look away and enjoy stories of inspiring people, funny and touching moments, and motivational speeches.


What have you got to lose? 30 days from now maybe your world will look a little bit brighter?

If it’s not the injection of positive stories that will make the difference, it may be the lack of negatives ones that boost your day.

My name is Lee, I’m the proud owner of UpliftStream, I started this as a personal journey, but I hope this inspires you to be a little happier, do some good, and wake up feeling a little better.