24 Pictures of Animals Licking Glass Windows – You Need To See These…

This is about as ridiculous and hilarious as it gets. Yes, we bring you nature at it's absolute finest with a gallery of majestic creatures facing their greatest challenge.


You will witness the ultimate showdown of nature vs. freshly cleaned windows.

No amount of glass cleaner can save you from this absolute savagery. Nothing can prepare you for the boogers and drool spread across each pane of glass like a toddler discovering a fresh glue stick.

Behold, the glory of Animals vs Glass.

#1. Let's start things off with this elegant piece. Dogs are a special gift.

#2. When you see an attractive girl walking by.

#3. This husky is simply creating nose art on all the windows. His work will be worth millions one day.

#5. You think you're having a bad day?

#6. That backyard looks delicious


#8. The sweet taste of morning dew.

#9. Hey! The humans are eating in there!

#10. Human, your shower juice is delicious.


#12. This girl is doing her best Miley Cyrus impersonation.

#13. Orange tabbies have surprisingly big tongues.

#14. You missed a spot.

#15. Firefox has encountered an error with Windows.

#16. What it looks like when the driver rolls down the car window and you're in the back seat. 

#17. Ermahgerd, Merning Derr

#18. Just keep a casual face and no one will suspect a thing.

#19. This girl is just having a rough time.

#20. Window water must taste a lot better than I thought.

#21. How much window cleaner do you think these owners need per day?

#22. Taking a break from all the absolutely ridiculous pictures to bring you this adorable one!

#23. Annnd back to the ridiculous pictures. This husky is certainly a special one.

#24. Finally, we end off with this majestic creature.


Bonus: But before we leave, enjoy this last bit of nature at its finest.

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